Full agenda from May 22, 2017

  • 7am - 8:40am Breakfast & check-in Join us at L'Oca d'Oro for a unique welcome breakfast before we kick off our day. Enjoy breakfast family-style, make friends, make your name tag, and fuel up for the day! 
  • 8:40am - 9:45am Kick-off exercise Get to know your fellow attendees in  your workshop session with a workshop kick-off exercise.
  • 9:45am - 10:15am Crowdsourcing This is where the agenda for the day gets build. Decide what you want to learn and what you want to share and we'll build an agenda that will knock your socks off!
  • 10:15am - 12:30pm Workshops Select from one of 4 workshops listed above and do a deep-dive into the content. Leave with real, actionable information that will change the way you work. 
  • 12:30pm - 2:00pm Human spectrogram and Lunch You've gotta eat. Let's eat. And spend some time networking and playing with the exhibits at the museum!
  • 2:00pm - 5:00pm Unconference Sessions This is it. This is why you're really here. Get the information you need from your peers, your colleagues, your mentors, your friends. Suggest sessions you want to lead. Pick the sessions that interest you. Vote with your feet. Experience a real participant-driven conversation. 
  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm Group spective We'll review what we learned throughout the day, and make a great list of the good and bad for the next event. 
  • 5:30pm - 8pm Dokimazo Reception! It's been an exhausting day, but there's still more fun to be had - Now's the time to test out the cool stuff. Our industry friends are bringing the toys. Chillax, play, imbibe, laugh, reflect on how awesome your experience was at Haute Dokimazo! Since we limited attendance to just 100 people at the conference, we're opening up the reception to all of the other event industry professionals who want to hang out with us. 

Morning Workshops from May 22

Get your hands dirty! (10:15am-12:30pm)

Okay, not really. We're not REALLY planting seeds here. But we are harvesting ideas and helping you get more from your agency relationship and your planning process. Pick from one of these 4 workshops to make your event marketing life easier and better!

Workshop Option 1: Agencies & Event Marketers collaborative portfolio planning workshop

An intensive workshop on event portfolio, measurement, KPIs: How are you evaluating your event selection? What is your purpose for going? How are you measuring? What measurement should you be doing beyond demand gen metrics like leads & pipeline? Conversation facilitated by Dax Callner, GES, Bill Mattes, YPO, and Alex Patriquin, EventGeek

Workshop Option 2: Creating FOMO

"Fear Of Missing Out" is an emotional response you might want to create around your event. What happens at your event that your audience can ONLY experience at your event? How do you create the buzz to drive attendance, and how do you captivate those who couldn't make it to try harder to get there next time? It just might be the secret sauce to audience acquisition. Facilitated by Tom Spano, Steelhouse, Shing Wong, AmpSlide, and Tahira Endean, BC Innovation Council.

Workshop Option 3: Get more from your agency

Delivering an iconic event that reflects brand strategy, delivers messages and engages guests—on time and on budget—is the goal. How you do all that is rarely clear. In today’s world, “Teaming” is a way to gather experts from diverse specialties into temporary groups to deliver grand results. This workshop will explore the intersection of team leadership and project management and tackle creating a real event brief to get client ideas across to the agency partners.  Collaboration led by Stuart Katz, Dimension Design, and Glenn Thayer, The Voice of Meetings & Events 

Workshop Option 4: All about efficiency

This workshop will explore the different areas of event marketing where organizations can find efficiencies. From staff augmentation to portfolio planning to content & event resource kits to agency management to simplicity of design to roadmap planning to the secrets of less drayage to more, more, more! It's a brand + industry partner brainstorm and best practice share all about doing more with less, faster. Creative saving conversations led by Jeff Haynes, MerchRevolution, and Nelson Corazzari, 3D Exhibits

Can you lead one of these?

Got an idea for a topic that you think is right up our alley for our Fall event in San Diego? Contact Liz Lathan at lizlathan@gmail.com to talk about it!

Fall Event Details Coming Soon


We're currently exploring venues in San Diego for this fall - stay tuned for updates!


$200 to attend, includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a reception (and of course all the content you can digest!), as well as all attendee name, title, company, & email address. We'll keep the prices down so you still have room in your budget for all the other industry events you need to go to this year.


There is no Platinum, Gold, or Silver. Just companies that want to make this a success. If you are one of those companies, contact us. We are seeking 3-5 supporters at $3,000-5,000 each, and are also looking for forward-thinking in-kind donations to bring this conference to life. Contact Liz Lathan at lizlathan@gmail.com